How Reverse Mortgages Have Changed Lives

RUTH: "I was able to purchase a home in Atlanta, and now I own two homes, one in New York, one in Atlanta, with no mortgage payments. Having a Reverse Mortgage has helped me be closer to my family and to be able to spend time with them. It's been wonderful." Amityville, Long Island, NY

MARGARET: "My home was in foreclosure, and I had declared bankrupty. My Reverse Mortgage specialist and the Mortgage Processor worked very hard to help me. The Reverse Mortgage ended the bankruptcy and the foreclosure. I even got some cash out. I am finally free of my mortgage payments and all my debts." Islip, Long Island, LI, NY

ANN: "Doing a Reverse Mortgage helped me to get rid of a monthly mortgage payment that was about $800 per month. With that money I can invest, do things around the house, and just do whatever I want." Holtsville, Long Island, NY

JAMIE: ". . .money was tight.. . .my mortgage got behind. It made me nervous whenever I got letters from my mortgage company. Then we called a Reverse Mortgage specialist. . . before I knew it, my mortgage payments were history.  It was the best thing we could have done." Bay Shore, Long Island, New York

"My parents passed away, and the kitchen needed work.  With the Reverse Mortgage, I have the money I need to do repairs on my house. I have money left in the Reverse Mortgage if I need more money." East Islip, Long Island, LI, NY

Reverse Mortgages aren't one size fits all. Be sure it's right for you! A Reverse Mortgage Specialist can help give you more information.

JOSEPHINE: "Every year we travel with our grandkids. We take vacations and have fun. I wanted a Reverse Mortgage to supplement our income and help us with things like paying our taxes. The Reverse Mortgage gave us more freedom." Patchogue, Long Island, LI, NY

ED: "A situation occurred, and I was straddled with a $93,000 credit card debt I did not incur. My wife and I did a Reverse Mortgage. It gave us the help we needed to take care of that debt. We now have peace of mind. " Medford, Long Island, NY

A trusted advisor, attorney, accountant, or friend can be a source of good advice and counsel. Read articles and compare programs. Take your time before making a decision.

Investigate - Consult - Consider. Is a Reverse Mortgage Right for Me? Ask the right questions. Then decide.

Asking the right questions can help:

Am I going to stay in my home for the foreseeable future?

Would my life change if I could get rid of my mortgage payments?

How long has it been since I was able to go on a vacation, a cruise, or just have fun with a surplus of money?

Are there health related expenses that could be taken care of with more funds?

Consult with family and friends. Get their views about Reverse Mortgages. Look into your options. Speak with a Reverse Mortgage Specialist. Education is the key!

ANITA: I had always relied on my husband's income all my life as I was raising my children. When my husband died, my safety net was gone. Then, I heard about Reverse Mortgages. I was able to keep my home and handle all the bills without working. I now have a monthly check that comes directly into my checking account. Between my husband's social security and pension checks and my Reverse Mortgage check that comes faithfully every month, I can live freely and enjoy the home I have lived in for 41 years. I am so thankful there was an answer for me. Medford, LI, NY

JOHN AND CORINNE: The Reverse Mortgage helped us buy a new car. My husband and I needed a new vehicle to drive the grandchildren around in. Not only did we buy a new car, but we went on a much needed vacation to the Poconos! Patchogue, Long Island, NY

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