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No monthly mortgage payments

Tax free cash (Consult your tax advisor.)

U.S. Government insured

Retain Ownership of your home

No impact on Medicare or Social Security benefits

Benefits: Pay current liens or mortages, travel, buy a second home, invest, or pay medical costs.

Plans: Choose from a monthly payment, line of credit, lump sum, or a combination of all three.

You must be at least 62 years of age and HUD approved Reverse Mortgage counseling is required.

Is your retirement all you hoped it would be? Need help each month paying the bills? Reverse Mortgage Long Island can help. A Reverse Mortgage can be used to pay taxes, buy a new car, travel, or help you enjoy life to the fullest!

If you're looking for extra income a Reverse Mortgage may be right for you. You can turn the equity in your
home into tax free cash OR purchase a new home with a Reverse Mortgage. Even if you currently have an existing mortgage, you may be able to qualify for a Reverse Mortgage. With a Reverse Mortgage there are no monthly mortgage payments, and you retain ownership of your home.

A Reverse Mortgage can provide peace of mind and security in your retirement years, but there are many misconceptions. Investigate Reverse Mortgages for yourself. Reverse Mortgage Long Island will provide the necessary information so you can make an informed decision. Personal service and assistance is here!

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Is a Reverse Mortgage right for you? Kathie Adler offers free consultations and answers your questions. You have options! Find out what they are. Click here for news and updates on Reverse Mortgages!

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